Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway

Drama, Romance, TV Movie
165 mins
8.1/ 10
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Cast and Crew

Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway is a 2008 film of the final performance of the original Broadway production of the musical Rent on September 7, 2008, with some footage of the closing night celebration. The film had a limited theatrical release between September 24 and 28, 2008, in more than 500 theaters with high definition digital projection systems in the US and Canada. The film is assembled from footage shot at the September 7 performance as well as a day of shooting on August 20. It includes a reprise of "Seasons of Love" featuring both the final cast and cast members from past productions, including the original Broadway cast following the finale of the show proper.

Cast and Crew
Roger Davis
Will Chase
Mark Cohen
Adam Kantor
Tom Collins
Michael McElroy
Benjamin Coffin III
Rodney Hicks
Joanne Jefferson
Tracie Thoms
Angel Schunard
Justin Johnston
Mimi Marquez
Renée Elise Goldsberry
Maureen Johnson
Eden Espinosa
Christmas Caroler / Mr. Jefferson / Pastor / Ensemble
Marcus Paul James
Mrs. Jefferson / Woman with Bags / Ensemble
Gwen Stewart
Gordon / The Man / Mr. Grey / Ensemble
Jay Wilkison
Steve / Man with Squeegee / Waiter / Ensemble
Telly Leung
Paul / Cop / Ensemble
Shaun Earl
Alexi Darling / Roger's Mom / Ensemble
Andrea Goss
Mark's Mom / Ensemble
Tracy McDowell

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Michael John Warren
Jonathan Larson, Jonathan Larson
Will Chase, Adam Kantor, Michael McElroy, Rodney Hicks
Drama, Romance, TV Movie
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new york city, aids, based on novel or book, musical, stage show, hiv, lgbt, filmed theater
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